Our schools continue to thrive, change & adapt with Generative AI!

Navigating this new space with more questions popping up daily can be really difficult. And, as language teachers, how will Generative AI impact the language learning experience? How can we harness this technology to enhance language learning? 

We are learning about incredible opportunities mirrored with complex difficulties in the language classroom. Schools leaders, teachers, students and community members have a lot on their minds with using Generative AI as a learning tool in our schools. There is fear, hesitation, uncertainty – to say the least! But how can we shift our perspective towards Generative AI — instead of considering the risks, trepidations and harm, can we look for opportunities, benefits and potential learning outcomes thanks to this revolutionary technology? This community is here to help you navigate all of these questions and devise solutions that work for your school community! We will grow our AI literacy and S.O.A.R together to reach new heights in using this transformative technology in the language classroom!

With access to this community, you will become a confident user of AI Tools in the Language Classroom!

Testimonials from Our  Participants

Generative AI Technology has the capability to…

  • Personalize: One on one learning & tailored to student learning needs

  • Equity: Access to quality education & language barriers

  • Efficient Use: Efficiency and productivity

  • Thought Partner: Brainstorming & engaging learning experiences

  • Preparing for the Future: Lifelong learning and application of skills

What You Can Expect

    1. Welcome to our course!

    2. Before We Begin: Set Goals for Yourself!

    3. *General AI Tools Course Resources

    1. Let's Define Generative AI

    2. Introduction to AI Prompt Design Video

    3. Introduction to Prompt Design Slides

    1. Welcome to the AI Tools Institute, Session 1

    2. Session One: Diving into AI & Chat GPT Slides

    3. AI Tools Session One Video

    4. Let's Reflect

    1. Welcome to the AI Tools Institute, Session 2

    2. Session Two: AI & Language Learning: Let’s break down tools by mode Slides

    3. AI Tools Session Two: AI & Language Learning: Let’s break down tools by mode Video

    4. Let's Reflect

    1. Welcome to the AI Tools Institute, Session 3

    2. Session Three: AI-Assisted Lesson & Unit Planning Slides

    3. AI Tools Session Three AI-Assisted Lesson & Unit Planning Video

    4. Let's Reflect

    1. Welcome to the AI Tools Institute, Session 4

    2. Session Four: AI Assisted Content Creation Slides

    3. AI Tools Session Four AI Assisted Content Creation Video

    4. Let's Reflect

About this course

  • $129.00
  • 4.5 hours of video content

*School purchase orders are accepted! 

Please note: 

Subscriptions are annual from September through June each year. 

More Testimonials from Our Community

“Noemi is a powerful educator, intentional leader, and fantastic human. She designs learning experiences that are practical, culturally relevant, and grounded in best practices. I would recommend her to anyone; she facilitates learning experiences of the highest quality, and anyone who works with her will be highly satisfied!”

Dr. Ashley Warren District Supervisor, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District

“Let’s talk about cutting edge instruction! Prepare to attend a workshop that will leave you enlightened, inspired and motivated! Noemi’s passion for language and learning is unmatched. You will be glad you worked with Lo Logramos!”

Mrs. Ashley Kalfazade Assistant Principal, New Albany Elementary School

“This was a very helpful course. It introduced me to a variety of AI tools and how they can be used by teachers. It was also helpful in learning how to design production tasks for students to get them using the language creatively. I highly recommend it if you are interested in learning about AI integration in education.”

B.H, Teacher of Spanish